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MedSchool Maryland Productions and Video Press, a program of the University of Maryland School of Medicine, is a non-profit organization dedicated to improving the care and understanding of the elderly as well as individuals with physical challenges.

Video Press creates video programs integrating health issues with the worlds of real people.

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12/15/09 - NEW Video Clip - Alzheimer's, The 36-Hour Day

A new extended video clip is now available of Alzheimer's, The 36-Hour Day on YouTube! This program is an excellent introduction to Alzheimer's disease and to the nationally acclaimed best seller, The 36-Hour Day: A Family Guide to Caring for People with Alzheimer Disease, Other Dementias, and Memory Loss in Later Life. In this video Dr. Peter V. Rabins (co-author of the book The 36-Hour Day) introduces Alzheimer's through one family's experience with the disease.

Watch in this short clip as Nancy has trouble keeping her train of thought, and can't tell you what city she lives in, but she can still have fun and communicate with the right approach. Bob takes care of his wife and explains that things can be difficult, but that patience and understanding are the key to a successful 36-hour day with Alzheimer's. » Watch the video clip on YouTube

9/11/09 - NEW Video Clip: End of Life Decisions and Concerns

A brand new video clip is now available for End of Life Decisions and Concerns: The Resident's Perspective. In this program, elderly individuals express their preference for a natural end. Many resident's are confused about thier options and believe that a request to have no life-saving interventions means starvation, pain and isolation. Avoiding discussions with health professionals or family members, they live their final years in unspoken fear. » Watch the video clip

8/24/09 - Introducing the 2009-2010 New Releases

MedSchool Maryland Productions and Video Press are proud to present new video programs:

Resident Rights: The Resident's Perspective - While care facilities are required to acknowledge certain resident's/patient's legal rights, resident's have their own ideas on what their rights are and what they should be. Chief among their expectations are timely responses to medical/physical needs, respect, personal privacy, and opportunities to interact with others.

Alzheimer's Abuse - Agitation, catastrophic reactions, withdrawn behaviors, emotional distress and isolation must not be acceptable. Dr. Peter Rabins and geriatric nursing assistants identify the signs of potential abuse for Alzheimer's patients.

Alzheimer's: Facilitating ADLs - Dr. Rabins and nursing staff share strategies to facilitate ADLs using a step-by-step approach with simple verbal cues, positive facial expressions, body language, gentle guiding and lots of positive re-enforcement.

6/11/09 - The Memory Loss Tapes: "The Lady in The Mirror"

Recently HBO has produced a national public awareness campaign on Alzheimer’s called The Alzheimer’s Project ( including four documentary feature films and 15 supplemental films on medical research as well as the true life tales of care giving and living with the disease. The Memory Loss Tapes, one of the four feature films and directed/produced by Shari Cookson and Nick Doob, is a verité documentary with seven segments profiling people living with Alzheimer's. The fourth segment in this documentary is titled "Lady in The Mirror" and was filmed on location at Cherrywood Nursing Home in Maryland, and produced by Susan Hannah Hadary, Director of MedSchool Maryland Productions and Video Press.

Check out "The Lady in the Mirror" (about half way through the film) which profiles Yolanda Santomartino 6 years after her diagnosis of Alzheimer's disease. Yolanda can't recognize her own reflection and struggles with visions of snakes in her wheelchair but still enjoys having her hair done and talking with people in this short glimpse of her experience of Alzheimer's.

» watch HBO's The Memory Loss Tapes now on YouTube!

3/30/09 - MedSchool Maryland Productions

Video Press is proud to announce MedSchool Maryland Productions, formerly the video production branch of Video Press University of Maryland School of Medicine. Both MedSchool Maryland Productions and Video Press, will continue under the direction of award winning producer, Susan Hadary. Visit the new MedSchool Maryland Productions website at:

1/27/09 - Web Exclusive: Caring for Walter

Video Press has announced its first free web-exclusive elder care video series - Caring for Walter. This 12-part series is based on the documentary film Marge and Walter, that documents 71 year old caregiver Marge Lewandowski as she cared for her husband during the last year of his life. This new web series includes bonus interviews of Marge with Dr. Wertheimer on the challenges of family care giving. Plans are in place to provide the entire Caring for Walter series on YouTube and iTunesU, as well as here on the Video Press website.

UPDATE (10/3/09) - Caring For Walter is available at Video Press:

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